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Naturox - info - blog 

Naturox - info - blog
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Naturox® - Natural* Antioxidants for Pet Food Formulations

Natural Antioxidants for Pet Food Diets

As pet owners seek out more label-friendly petfood products, synthetic chemical preservatives and ingredients are being replaced with natural antioxidant solutions that are designed to maintain the nutritional quality. Using natural antioxidants in petfood formulations to prevent oxidative rancidity is essential to maintaining palatability and nutritional value in rendered ingredients and petfood products. Petfood manufacturers, renderers and ingredient suppliers continue to be presented with opportunities and challenges to preserve the freshness of petfoods and meet retailers' demand for increased shelf life.

Pet Owners Associate Natural Pet Food Ingredients With:

  • Avoiding safety issues
  • Higher nutritional value
  • Better overall quality
  • Optimum product freshness

The Challenge: Replacing synthetic chemical preservative ingredients that have been used for decades in pet food products and ingredients.

The Opportunity: Introducing natural pet food ingredients to extend product shelf life, to maintain the highest nutritional value in pet food diets, while meeting ever-changing consumer expectations. For more than 30 years, Kemin has partnered with leading renderers, ingredient suppliers and petfood manufacturers to overcome these challenges. Kemin is dedicated to working hard to develop meaningful partnerships with customers by providing innovative solutions for pet food antioxidant stabilization.

NATUROX Antioxidants for Petfood Protection

Globally, NATUROX is Kemin’s market leading natural antioxidant brand—available in dry or liquid form—featuring a synergistic blend of natural mixed tocopherols and emulsifiers for complete oxidation protection for pet food ingredients and formulations. Ingredient suppliers, renderers, and petfood manufactuers have relied on NATUROX to assist them in transitioning away from synthetic chemical ingredients and preservatives.

NATUROX can also be formulated with enriched levels of delta-tocopherol to deliver improved antioxidant performance. Delta-tocopherol, the most effective tocopherol homologue, provides superior carry-through during extrusion and drying while also maximising product shelf life.

Key Steps to Effective Use of Natural Antioxidants in Pet Foods:

  • Comprehending the effect of manufacturing processes
  • Monitoring the full supply chain to assure absolute quality
  • Choosing the appropriate antioxidant according to finished product composition
  • Utilising the proper antioxidant application system
  • Assuring correct residual antioxidant levels in the finished pet food diet

Plant-Based Protection for Petfood and Rendering Stabilisation

The natural mixed-tocopherol present in NATUROX can also be found in most whole grains, vegetable oils, legumes and seeds. Mixed-tocopherols are a part of nature's internal defense system, designed to naturally prevent oxidation of the polyunsaturated fats present in plants. NATUROX products feature mixed-tocopherols, which deliver natural protection for the unsaturated fats present in premium pet food diets.

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